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Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro

Open-backed Mixing Headphones

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The Best Headphones For Mixing Audio

Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro

  • Don Makoviney
  • Last Updated: November 22, 2016

Out of all the headphones we've tested, used, and reviewed, the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro will get you the best sound for your money. There are a few other models that sound just as good, but these are easily the most comfortable pair of headphones we've tested at this price point (under $200). They feel like an extension of your ears, and I almost forgot I had them on after over 3 hours mixing.


Who should buy these headphones?

If you are mixing music for any length of time, the Beyerdynamics are the ones to get.

What makes a great pair of mixing headphones?

Many audio purists will scoff at mixing in headphones. The reality is, however, you can get a better than average mix with headphones – especially if the headphones are open-backed, and simulate the reference points of actually having studio monitors. You might also be working remotely, or on the road, or at night while your significant other is trying to sleep.

The reality is there are many scenarios where mixing with headphones makes sense. But in order to get the best mix possible you need a couple things:

  1. Open-backed headphones.
  2. Flat frequency response.
  3. Comfortable on your head.

Open-backed headphones basically work like miniature versions of your studio monitors, except smaller. Allowing air to move in, out, and around your headphones helps to create this effect.

Flat frequency response means that you don’t want your headphones to artificially color the sound of your mix. Everyone these days raves about Beats By Dre headphones, but in reality those artificially color the sound by pumping up the bass and a few other things. When you’re trying to get a good mix, you need the natural sound coming out of your headphones – not some artificially propped up sounds.

In addition to those two criteria, there are a couple other things important to a great pair of mixing headphones:

  1. Proven track record of reliability from user reviews and hands on testing.
  2. Great warranty and return policy.
  3. Easily repairable.


Our Pick

Flat frequency Response

When you are listening to audio on your phone from another artist, you might tweak it a bit with some EQ, boosting some bass, or whatever.

However, when you are mixing, you want the truest sound possible. This means basically a flat EQ curve, so you can get a true sense of the sound and mix appropriately. The DT990s meet this specific need, which make it our favorite headphones.

One reviewer at Guitar Center noted the same thing:

Because they are open back they have really good placement (not too wide of a mix) and most importantly they have an extremely flat [frequency] response. All in all I would recommend these headphones for intensive studio work. They are not good for live performance or for DJing because of the flat eq curve, So don’t expect them to make the music loud and direct, more like the true sound


One reviewer remarked on the build quality in particular:

I bought these headphones 10 years ago and still use them. The build quality is amazing. It doesn’t feel necessarily constructed high end in an ‘Apple’ or Sennheiser way, it feels constructed in an old fashioned sturdy way, with metal, screws leather. The type of sturdy that kept these cans alive for all this time.

Plus, if you are one of those people that just breaks things all the time, rest assured nearly every part on these headphones is replaceable. But as user reviews indicate, you probably won’t ever need to.

All Beyerdynamic headphones include a 2 year parts and labor warranty serviceable in the U.S.A.


If you haven’t spent a long time mixing with headphones, you might be surprised at how important a comfortable pair of headphones is. Many other headphones in this category sound just as great, but tend to hurt after wearing them and longer than an hour.

And you will be wearing headphones – much longer than that.

Budget Studio Headphones

If price is your main criteria, there are some under $100, and one of our favorite picks is actually right around $50. Visit our great budget studio headphones guide.

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The Best Headphones For Mixing Audio

Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro

The Best Headphones For Mixing Audio

Important Specs

Frequency Response 5Hz-35kHz
Impedance 250 ohms
Cable Length 9.8 ft.
Cable Type Coiled
Replaceable Cable? Yes
Connector(s) 1/8" (1/4" Adapter Included)
more specs


Comfort and exquisite sound reproduction and spot on audio referencing for under $200 make these an easy pick for our mixing headphones guide.

- M


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Originally published: March 20th, 2015

Important Specs

Frequency Response 5Hz-35kHz
Impedance 250 ohms
Cable Length 9.8 ft.
Cable Type Coiled
Replaceable Cable? Yes
Connector(s) 1/8" (1/4" Adapter Included)
more specs

“It’s not so much the equipment as how you use it. I’ve heard people with really cheap studios do great recordings.” —Frank Gambale

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